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Our Mission is not to make a statement, but to make a difference.

FTW is a Social Impact Company with Forward Thinking Women’s values based Membership, Seminars, Training, Conferences, and more,
while also giving back to our community.

Forward Thinking Women


Is there a cost to be a member of FTW?

No, it is free! All memberships are free, we want no barriers to membership. If you would like to list your business there are inexpensive options to do so, starting at $20/month.

Do you need to be a Business Owner to be a Member?

No! This group is for everyone. It is a group who focuses on so many directions in life. Business, living, Health, Real Estate, Taxes, etc etc. It is so much more than just a business networking group.

Do you need to be a Business to list in the Directory?

No! Many of us have personal, non-business “hats” that we wear as well as our main career. Someone may be a local leader for a club, and want to be listed as well so their club is included. Or someone may just want to be listed period. Everyone is welcome to list here if you like.

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