David Schwindt – Painter

David Schwindt – Painter

FTW Artist Spotlight

For a number of years in grade school, when people asked what I was going to be when I grew up, I answered, “I’m going to be an artist.”  As I matured and explored horseback riding, music, history, and philosophy, I abandoned the idea. 

Faced with signing up for my first semester in college, in looking at all the requirements for studying biology to be a forester, math to be an engineer, I paged through the requirements to be an artist, and the dream came back. 

From that moment on, I committed to finding a way to become a full time artist. Of course, life intervened and there were some detours.  I took an extra year of college to meet the requirements for teaching, did student teaching in Santa Fe at the Institute of American Indian Arts, and worked there two years as a guidance counselor before moving on to Albuquerque and learning the sign painting business as a way to use my art background to make a living.  Meanwhile I used all of my spare time to practice the fine arts, painting and studying with other artists, and eventually realized my dream with the support of my best friend and wife of 54 years, Mary Schwindt, who has her own story of integrating the arts into a fulfilling life and career.

Come visit David at his website https://www.davidschwindtartist.com/

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