Hindu Charities for America

Hindu Charities for America

HC4A is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonreligious, nonpolitical, charitable
organization, that represents a concerted effort by Indian and other ethnic
communities to fulfill the mission “Bridge Income Disparity through Education.”
HC4A provides schooling necessities and scholarships to children and young
adults in homeless and high-poverty situations.

The mostly invisible poverty in the US impacts families with children and youth in
the most dramatic ways. In 2018, 51 of the 121 million US households (42%) in
the U.S. could not afford basic necessities of housing, childcare, food,
transportation, health care, or a smartphone plan. Nearly 1.4 million public school
students experienced homelessness.

HC4A identifies these essential needs of students so they are supported in their
journey of successfully fulfilling their career goals. As the pandemic continues to
devastate the lives of these students who hope to live the American Dream, we
constantly endeavor to expand our services, especially in areas of technology
assistance and learning.

HC4A currently provides services through 8 collaborations in Texas and California,
with expansion to Georgia later this year. Through our partners, HC4A provides
scholarships to students attending community colleges in Austin, Los Angeles,
Houston, and Dallas.

Through our school-district and other nonprofit partners, we provide services to
K-12 students attending public schools in Central Texas. Students in these districts
usually attend schools located in low-income areas disproportionately populated
by people who identify as Black or Latinx.

We will use funds to expand existing projects, such as those below, and add new

  • a service project with the Jewish community, raising funds and gathering 150 – 200 volunteers annually to fill 1,000+ backpacks; almost 12,000 students and homeless families served to date
  • vocational training scholarships, providing over 100 $1000 scholarships annually; almost 550 students served to date

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