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We’re all given this gift called life, that consists of various moments that are big or small, yet every minute of it counts. From your first steps taken, to walking down on graduation, milestone birthday’s, and landing a dream job; these are the trajectory milestones of what life can offer.

Then we have those special moments, the ones that touch your soul and you ponder on before, during, and after they’ve surpassed. Your first kiss, an exchange of vows, the sound of “Happy Birthday” on your 1st or 90th
birthday, and the warm sense of family surrounding you. With these moments, this day, at those waking hours, you realize that these are the moments worth cherishing throughout your life.

Aanuu Naraang, CEO and owner of The Planning Paradise, believes that with the help of planning these special moments in your life, you have the opportunity to be more immersed in these unforgettable memories filled with fun, laughs, and a ton of planning!

From the first consultation to the final send-off, she is ready to organize an event filled with personality and charm curated for you. She believes that creativity and imagination is essential for planning a personal and original wedding.

Aanuu has a range of experience for any type of event; from birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, and even baby shower reveals, she can curate the event to whichever milestone you are celebrating.

For more information on Planning Paradise Events, contact

Aanuu Naarang
CEO and Owner of Planning Paradise
Events, LLC.

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